for general
concrete works

32,5 R Portland-composite cement

The ideal cement for general and minor concrete works where normal final strengths with medium fast onset are required. The lower development of heat of hydration predetermines it also for concreting in warm weather.


CEM II/C-M (S-LL) 32.5 R is a cement made by finely grinding Portland clinker, gypsum and limestone with blast furnace granulated slag (36-50% according to STN EN 197-5). It achieves a 2-day strength in the range of 13 to 16 MPa and a normalized 28-day strength of 40 to 45 MPa


  • plain concrete and reinforced concrete
  • concrete and concrete elements
  • concretes of low and medium strength classes
  • production of small concrete elements
  • underlying concrete and cement screeds


  • reasonably fast increase in strength
  • excellent workability simplifies the placement of concrete and facilitates the smoothing of screeds
  • high plasticity improves pumpability and simplifies machine processing of screeds and plasters
  • low heat of hydration
  • moderately high final strengths

Essential Properties Harmonized Standard
STN EN 197-1: 2011
2-day compressive strength (MPa) =< 10 13 – 16
28-day compressive strength (MPa) =>32,5 =< 52,5 40 – 45
Initial setting time (min) =<75 230-290
Volume stability (expansion) Le-Chatelier (mm) =<10 =<2
SO3 sulphate content (%) =<4,0 2,5-2,7
Chloride content (%) =<0,10 0,04 – 0,09