Cement for
high-strength concrete

Cement CEM II/A-S 42,5R usage

The quality of cements is supervised
by the TSÚS (Building
Testing and Research
Institute), Bratislava.
CEMMAC is a holder of an
ISO 9001: 2008 quality
management certificate
and an ISO 14001: 2004 environmental
management certificate.
Reduced emmision CO2

CEM II/A-S 42,5 R
Portland-slag cement

Quick-setting cement suitable for the production of high-strength concrete and for structures or concrete elements requiring a rapid increase in early strengths. The higher development of heat of hydration also predetermines it to concreting at lower ambient temperatures.


CEM II / B-S 42,5R is a cement produced by fine grinding of Portland clinker, granulated blast-furnace slag (6-20% according to EN 197-1) and gypsum. It attains 2-day strengths ranging from 26 to 32 MPa and standard 28-day strengths of 55 to 61 MPa.


  • concretes for difficult concrete structures
  • concrete elements and structures requiring a rapid increase in early strengths
  • prefabricated concrete elements and construction components (paving, permanent shuttering, kerbs, …)
  • industrial floors
  • external hard surfaces made of concrete
  • plain concrete and reinforced concrete even of higher strength classes
  • cement screeds


  • a rapid increase in early strength and high final strengths
  • very good workability and soundness
  • higher development of heat of hydration
  • moderate resistance to chemical aggression (up to the XA1 environment)

Essential properties Harmonized
Standard EN 197-1
CEM II/A-S 42,5 R
2-day compressive strength (MPa) => 20 26 – 32
28-day compressive strength (MPa) => 42,5 =< 62,5 55 – 61
Initial setting time (min) => 60 180 +- 30
Volume stability Le-Chatelier (mm) =< 10 0,0 – 1,5
SO3 sulphate content (%) =< 4 3,2 +- 0,2
Chloride content (%) =< 0,10 0,04 +- 0,03
The content of tricalcium aluminate in this cement is less than 5%.

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Technical sheet CEM II/A-S 42,5R