All-purpose cement
for private residential construction

Cement CEM III/A 32,5R usage

The quality of cements is su-
pervised by the TSÚS (Build-
ing Testing and Research
Institute), Bratislava.
CEMMAC is a holder of
an ISO 9001: 2008 quality
management certificate
and an ISO 14001: 2004
environmental manage-
ment certificate.
Reduced emmisions CO2

CEM III/A 32,5 R
all-purpose cement

All-purpose quick-setting cement with an exceptionally good workability and soundness,designed for all types of concretes and mortars in residential construction.


CEM III/A 32,5R is a cement with a faster increase in early strengths with a very good workability. It attains early strengths after 2 days ranging from 12 to 18 MPa and standard 28-day strength of 45 to 52 MPa, meaning that this cement highly exceeds the minimum strengths set by the standard.


  • plain concrete and reinforced concrete
  • concrete surfaces, subconcrete
  • foundations and bed slabs


  • the faster increase in the early strengths enables a quick walk-on-ability of the surfaces produced
  • its excellent workability facilitates the placing and compaction of concretes and facilitates the smoothing of screeds
  • its high plasticity improves the pumpability of concretes, screeds and mortars, and also enables machining
  • an optimum combination of the quantities of its components improves the watertightness of concretes and the mechanical bond
  • the lower development of heat of hydration predetermines it to working even in warm weather
  • it is slightly sulfate-resistant (up to the chemical nvironment XA1).

Essential Properties Harmonized
Standard EN 197-1
CEM III/A 32,5 R
2-day compressive strength (MPa) =>10 12 – 18
28-day compressive strength (MPa) => 32,5 =< 52,5 45 – 52
Initial setting time (min) => 75 225 +- 50
Volume stability Le-Chatelier (mm) =< 10 0,2 – 0,9
SO3 sulphate content (%) =< 4,0 3,2 +- 0,2
Chloride content (%) =< 0,10 0,05 +- 0,03
The content of tricalcium aluminate in this cement is less than 5%.

Nárast pevností CEM III/A 32,5 RCement CEM III/A 32,5R graph

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Technical sheet CEM III/A 32,5 R